Friday, 14 October 2016

“Mr. Positive”

Look, to be a positive person, you need to have a smile, good posture, light in your eyes, and interest in the person you are interacting with. Your attitude is your mental disposition in life—your feeling or position to another or a thing. Your attitude can be bad, neutral, good, or great. There is only one attitude you should have to sell—a great attitude. You can’t deal with bad, neutral, or even good. Your paycheck is dependent on this one thing. Your attitude is that x-factor, and it’s very difficult to measure. It’s critical to your life, and particularly critical for selling. You want people calling you “Mr. Positive” or “Ms. Positive”.

It’s not too difficult to be positive once, but how do you stay positive over hours, days, weeks, or your whole life? Your attitude is determined by your thoughts. Your thoughts are determined by the content of your mind. The content of your mind is determined by your environment. The environment around you includes the Internet, TV, your friends, co-workers, and family. Where does your attitude come from and how do you keep it great?

Your body is a reflection of what you put in it and how you take care of it, and your mind is the same. Whatever is going on in your head is going to come out of your mouth. What comes out of your mouth had to come from what first came into your mind. Your mind got the content from somewhere. If you have angry content coming into your mind you will have an angry attitude. If you have apathetic, quit, give up, no solution content, you will have that kind of attitude. If you have positive, solution-oriented, can-do content coming in, you will communicate it when you are with customers.

Think, what is the content you have received since you woke up this morning?

I keep positive books in my house. I write my goals down each day. I record programs on TV so I can blow through all the negative stuff and control what I watch. I want to watch winners. Your life and your career depend on your attitude. You need to control your content. I stay positive by controlling the content of my mind.

18 Rules to live by and you will be positive:

  1. Be seen by others as positive.
  2. Act so positive that people have to ask why you are so positive.
  3. Use energy and enthusiasm in every action.
  4. “Wear” the attitude.
  5. Go “all-in” like you have unlimited energy.
  6. Be 100% in your expectations.
  7. Set your goals high.
  8. Drive yourself for more.
  9. Confront your fears.
  10. Allocate your time.
  11. Put your biggest challenge first.
  12. When in doubt, just do it.
  13. Be an over-achiever.
  14. Commit to yourself.
  15. Only blame yourself.
  16. Operate like your life depends on it.
  17. Act hungry.
  18. Be willing to do anything to close a deal.

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